Cryptocurrency Basics-Technical Analysis

Course: Cryptocurrency Trading Courses: Basic to Advanced Technical Analysis

Cryptocurrency Basics-Technical Analysis

Course: Cryptocurrency Trading Courses: Basic to Advanced Technical Analysis

Because proper education around fundamentals, risk management, and best trading practices are lacking. We believe that traders and investors need access to proper education.
You watch the videos, use the tools provided, test the strategies and complete the action items.
The Blockcircle Trading Courses is a 6-week program. It shows you how to start trading and investing in cryptocurrencies from scratch, and actually learn the reasons why.
  • It starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as slow, or as fast as you wish.
  • This course is designed to teach complete beginners and active crypto traders the trading skills, principles and strategies that we have pioneered to give you an edge.
This Cryptocurrency Trading courses is built around 25 online training lessons, tools, a support network, and a community. It is online on your own time.

“While the majority of investors have been crushed by the 2018 bear market, a small pocket of traders have turned other people’s misfortune into the opportunity of a lifetime. Access their world-class educational resources and the complete Blockcircle Trading Course.”

Watch the course videos in stunning 1080p HD, listen to recordings and download the extra tools to help you take your trading to the next level. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.
No more sifting through hundreds of hours of useless videos. Our courses are over 20 hours of video content in total which means we only included exactly what you need to know.
No matter where you are in your trading journey this is the course you need to take you to the next level. We have taught complete beginners, losing traders and industry funds managers.
We took everything you need to know to profit trading cryptocurrencies and put it all into 4 exclusive modules.

Blockcircle Intermediate to Advanced Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Trading using Technical Analysis – 4-PART Course Series

  1. COURSE 1: Blockcircle Course – Cryptocurrency Essentials & Foundations
  2. COURSE 2: Blockcircle Course – Basic to Intermediate Technical Analysis – Next-level setups and strategies
  3. COURSE 3: Blockcircle Course – Behavioral Psychology – Emotions, Plans, Mindset, and Success
  4. COURSE 4: Blockcircle Course – Advanced Technical Analysis and Multiple Timeframe Trading Strategies


COURSE 1: Blockcircle Course – Cryptocurrency Essentials & Foundations

1. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin explained clearly for the first time
Understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin
Develop an understanding of exactly how blockchain technology works and the implication technology has on underlying asset values
Learn the fundamentals you need to know from the beginning so when you learn how to invest properly, you will also understand why

2. How to get your fiat to Bitcoin – simple, fast, safe.
Get our complete fee breakdown (IMPORTANT)
Learn which exchanges are the safest and most reliable

3. How to safely store your cryptocurrency so you never get scammed or hacked.
Learn which wallets you need
We teach you how to set them up the right way
Learn the differences between online, offline, paper and hardware wallets
Get access to the best practices to make sure your crypto never falls prey to hacks or scams

4. Get access to our top cryptocurrency exchanges and learn how to use them
Learn how to pick the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges
Get our list of recommended exchanges based on the metrics of safety, volume, reputation, and fees
We should you how to actually use these exchanges in an optimized manner so you can start trading like a pro

5. Learn how to read a chart and completely understand what it all means.
Don’t just dive in without understanding correct charting principles
This is a beginner’s must watch overview on chart reading so that you will never be confused staring at a chart ever again

6. Learn our formula for valuing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.
We break down our formula for fundamental analysis
Start your investing journey with an understanding of value related to cryptocurrency and blockchain investing


COURSE 2: Blockcircle Course – Basic to Intermediate Technical Analysis – Next-level setups and strategies

1. Conquering Emotions, Mindset and Success
Unlock the secret to emotions in trading
Learn the exact strategy we use to time the cryptocurrency emotional market cycle
Learn how to focus on success, and achieve it

2. Goal Setting To Conquer Trading & Life
Goal setting is a fundamental part of living a successful life
Get access to our goal setting formula (downloadable resource)
Learn how to decide on, set, focus and achieve your goals

3. Organize Your Life and Your Trading
Habits drive our decisions more than most people realize
Learn how to create new success habits and drop old habits that weigh you down
Get an insight into our daily routine, how we structure our lives and our trading schedule

4. Your Trading Plan (Includes Downloadable Template)
Get access to our confidential trading plan (downloadable resource)
Pick your trading style
Decide what works for you, plan it out and execute

5. Your Trading Journal (Includes Downloadable Template)
Get access to our confidential trading journal (downloadable template)
Learn why it’s important to journal your trades
learn how to journal your trades and ultimately succeed in the markets


COURSE 3: Blockcircle Course – Behavioral Psychology – Emotions, Plans, Mindset, and Success

1. Basics of technical charting
An intermediate level overview of charting
Develop an understanding of candlesticks
Understand the crucial impact timeframe has on your charting
Everything you need to know, to read charts and win

2. Are We Bullish Or Bearish? The Basics Of A Trend
It’s crucial to be able to look over multiple timeframes and understand what the current trend is
Identify a bullish, bearish and sideways trend
Learn the impact trends have on your trading strategy
Understand how to adjust your strategy to start making more consistent profits

3. How To Use Trend Lines
One of the most common tools in technical analysts handbook is trend lines
Learn how to correctly draw trend lines
Understand how to trade around trend lines, entries, exists, stop losses and invalidations

4. Support and Resistance Levels
This is one of the most important lessons
Support and resistance levels play an absolutely crucial role in cryptocurrency trading
Learn how to identify support and resistance levels in an evolving market
Use multiple timeframes and our strategy to identify strong and week levels of support and resistance
Learn how to trade using support and resistance levels

5. A Complete Run Down On Technical Indicators
Do you understand what each popular indicator actually does? Let us explain it to you
Learn every indicator you will ever need and understand how, when and why to use them

6. Fibonacci Levels
Have you heard people reference “Fibs” but don’t actually know what they are talking about?
Another popular tool of technical trading is using Fibonacci levels to find possible support and resistance levels
Learn why this works
Develop an understanding of when to use Fibonacci levels and how to trade them

7. Classical Charting Patterns
Learn the various patterns used by classical technical traders
Understand what these patterns mean and how to trade them
You will know exactly what is happening in every chart you look at from now on

8. Trading Candlestick Setups
In this section, you will learn the most important candlestick patterns
Candlesticks tell the story of an asset in price
Understand how these patterns come together to form trading signals
Get our top candlestick trading setups


COURSE 4: Blockcircle Course – Advanced Technical Analysis and Multiple Timeframe Trading Strategies

1. The Setups
We combined all of our best setups and condensed them into one actionable course
Every trading strategy needs high-quality setups
Understand when to enter trades with favorable risk-reward ratios
Understand when not to enter trades and stop the cycle of losing money forever

2. Focusing On The Trend and Market Cycles
Introduction to our trading console setup
Learn how moving averages work and how we use them to trade trends
Get access to the “crypto stochastic” settings
Learn how we combine trends with cycles to profit on long and short-term market movements

3. Drilling Down Multiple Timeframes
Ever wondered exactly how you should be monitoring different timeframes?
We show you our strategy for using multiple timeframes to make trades
Learn how to trade with the high time-frame trends to profit on lower timeframes

4. Managing The Trade – Your Complete Guide
Managing a trade is where the majority of traders make mistakes
Learn how to set and manage effective stop losses
Get our profit-taking strategy so that you never have to watch your assets go up only to come back down

5. The Fractal Model
We teach you our multi-timeframe fractal trading model
Understand the influence higher time frame movements have on low time frame trends
Tie all of the trading models together into one actionable system

6. Position Sizing and Risk Management
We kept the most important until last
No matter what you know about trading, if you don’t understand position sizing and risk management, you will not be successful in trading the markets
We have condensed years of trading experience into one short course to teach you exactly how to size your positions and manage your risk

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